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Last updated: Oct 16, 2023

I hand-picked these sites to share resources which I feel are truly outstanding. This is not the kind of free-for-all list of worthless sites that you typically see elsewhere. I also have a separate page to show which sites authorized to use my “Recommended by the Wizard” seal. I don’t trade links. I picked the sites below because they’re quality sites, not because they might link back here. I won’t link to low-quality sites just because they might give me a link back. I don’t accept suggestions for this section either, because when I did that, 99.99% of the sites that webmasters suggested to me were worthless.

How to get a link. You can't get your site listed here. I don’t trade links, I don’t sell links, and I don’t accept suggestions for additions, because when I did that I was inundated with suggestions for worthless sites. If I run across your site on my own, and I like it, then I’ll list it here.

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