Play Online Double Double Bonus Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
$1,000 Bonus + $25 Free
$100 Cashback

The four aces with any 2, 3, or 4 will pay 1.6 times better than Royal Flush on any 1-thru-4 credits wager; on the 5-credit bet, the same hand will pay 8 times more than Straight Flush and half of Royal Flush. No way! Four of a Kind is a hand which pays ten times less than Royal Flush on 1-thru-4 credits wager and 32 times less on 5-credit bet in Jacks or Better, so it’s impossible! Well, not in Double Double Bonus Poker.

Welcome to poker variant with the enticing paytable and optimal strategy return of 98.9808 percent. The epicenter of generosity is at Four of a Kind hand. On one credit wager, this hand will pay:

  • 50 credits on four 5s thru kings;
  • 80 credits on four 2s, 3s, and 4s;
  • 160 credits on four Aces, OR four 2s, 3s, and 3s with any Ace, 2, 3, or 4;
  • 400 credits on four Aces with any 2, 3, or 4.

Of course, it’s much easier to read than to get any of these hands — and therein begins all the fun, joy, and excitement of playing this game.

As is the case with any poker variant, the foundations of potentially successful outcome lay in the proper introduction to Double Double Bonus Poker strategy and “the reasonable ways to play a hand,” including combinations, probability, and returns.

The remaining part of equitation is to play and practice, which is exactly where the Wizard of Odds’ variant enters the picture, allowing you to play free with 10,000 credits while you improve your skills with built-in Personal Game Advisor — or to do it with real money.

Similar to any conventional video poker game over here, Double Double Bonus Poker layout is simple, clean, and informative.

The fabled paytable is situated at the top of the screen, with visible notification about wager value you selected. The BET ONE button, positioned at the bottom of your screen, enables you to slide effortlessly and bet between 1 and 5 credits per hand.

If you feel like going all the way to the highest wager, you can click on BET MAX field, though bear in mind that the hand is automatically dealt afterward when you use this option.

The cards — neatly branded with Wizard of Odds visuals on their backs — will be dealt in the lower part of your screen, right above the info on bet size and bankroll.

If you’re into more rapid mode of play, you can increase the rhythm by pressing SPEED button, while you can quickly switch to any other video poker option by selecting MORE GAMES: quite functionally, you’ll be able to play another game in the same playground (small white letters at the lower-left corner will inform you about selected variant).

New cards will appear whenever you press DEAL or DRAW buttons whilst you can select those you wish to keep by clicking on HOLD.

The educating segment of Double Double Bonus Poker game comes in the form of the Personal Game Advisor with two useful features, enabling you to improve your overall poker understanding and skills.

Atop of game layout, there is a “Warn on strategy errors” box. By enabling it, you activate a pop-up window which serves to let you know there is a better move to play and acts as a free advisor on strategy errors.


Once you’ve been dealt your cards, the ANALYZE button appears on the control strip. When you click on it, another pop-up window leads you into the statistical overview of all options applied to your current hand and in line with wager and paytable.

If you choose to use the advice, you can click at the hand and the game deals the cards. If you opt to select those you’d like to hold manually, just press RETURN TO GAME.

Featuring a balanced pack of the rewarding game with useful tips to improve your poker mastery, Double Double Bonus Poker is the interesting option both for aspiring and experienced players. Both groups will find something to build upon and add an extra edge to their game.

The remaining ingredients of great fun and entertainment — in the form of responsibility and awareness — are to be brought to the table by relaxed players, looking to enjoy poker simplicity at its best.

Good luck!


Hand Prize
Royal Flush 4000
Straight Flush 250
Four As w/2,3,4 2000
Four 2,3,4 w/A,2,3,4 800
Four Aces 800
Four 2s, 3s, 4s 400
Four 5s through Ks 250
Full House 45
Flush 30
Straight 20
Three of a Kind 15
Two Pair 5
Jacks or Better 5
All Other 0

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